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Discover What Most People Don't Know About La Vergne, Tennessee Real Estate

La Vergne, Tennessee Real Estate for Real People

Though the housing market throughout the country is on the decline, in the Southeast there are still plenty of opportunities for people to find great deals. Among these places is La Vergne, Tennessee. Real estate here is still priced in the value range, even though the city is a bedroom community of Nashville. Jobs are plentiful, with an extensive and growing industrial park right in the neighborhood, and the city is listed as one of the fastest-growing communities in America.

Growth is not likely to stop anytime soon. La Vergne, though it is still a small town, is at the crux of three major interstate highways, and there's plenty of room to develop. In addition, UPS has a hub just north in Nashville. This makes La Vergne an increasingly attractive place for companies that do business largely online; it's easy and cheap to ship packages from a transportation hub like this to anywhere in the United States.

In addition, La Vergne citizens tend to be middle class, married and stable with children. Most homes are new, with plenty of space around them, and crime is very low in comparison to the rest of the area.

What this means is that, while the rest of the country is having serious real estate problems, La Vergne, Tennessee, real estate is probably undervalued. It's one of the few parts of the country currently where you can purchase a house and realistically expect it to increase in value, not decrease.

All About La Vergne, Tennessee Real Estate and More

La Vergne shares a border with Nashville's city limits, which effectively means that the amenities Nashville offers are also available to people living in La Vergne. But La Vergne is also slightly to the south of the sprawl of Nashville, not more than two hour's drive to Chattanooga, and very close to Murfreesboro. This means two things. First, La Vergne has plenty of urban opportunities available to those who want to live there.

Secondly, it's just as rural as it is urban. Nashville is in about the center of Tennessee, and from the north border to Nashville, regions are well-developed with many small communities. South of Nashville to the opposite Tennessee border, however, the countryside is green and mountainous, filled with lush unspoiled nature. This is the side you'll find La Vergne, Tennessee, real estate on - making it fifteen minutes to the city and fifteen minutes to some of the prettiest mountains and forests in the country.

La Vergne is on the "good" side of Nashville. That is, you'll find mostly new and spacious established neighborhoods here when you go looking for La Vergne, Tennessee, real estate. It's also on the side of Nashville away from the airport. For you, that means you have to drive a little further if you need to fly, but you will also avoid the gridlock that has become normal and expected in that area. Schools, compared to the rest of Tennessee are also excellent, and there are several good colleges and universities within a twenty-minute drive.

What To Do In La Vergne

If you're visiting, most hotels and motels are located somewhat outside of La Vergne; expect to stay in Nashville or Smyrna if you want something really nice. That's fine, as while you're checking out La Vergne, Tennessee, real estate, you're better off getting a taste of Nashville rather than La Vergne; it will keep your horizons open and give you a good understanding of what the area has to offer. Do not, however, stay near the airport; hotels here are harder to get to and from due to heavy traffic.

Restaurants in the area are surprisingly nice and diverse, with most of your standard fast food joints as well as some very good ethnic places. This is because the Nashville area is a draw for immigrants, who often open restaurants in urban areas like this. When you come here, don't look in the phone book for a great restaurant, because you are likely to find primarily chains. Instead, ask someone at your hotel front desk for a great place to eat in the area.

La Vergne itself doesn't have a lot to offer as far as entertainment is concerned, only a few movie theaters and the Hickory Hollow Mall. Nashville, however, is only fifteen minutes away and offers theaters, the Tennessee Titans, arenas that draw major music acts, museums, and a vivid nightlife with - as you'd expect - a very active local music scene. Be sure to check them all out while you're in the area; you'll be surprised at how much is here.

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