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Rutherford County Tennessee Schools

Moving to the area you may want to learn of the schools. Rutherford County Tennessee Schools are growing at a rapid pace of about 1,500 to 2,000 students every year. With that said they are having to build at least one to two new schools every year. Not to mention that means that it will cost about $500 million in spending on building these new schools over the next ten years.

There are about 19,000 students that reside in the area. They are taken back and forth to school on about 188 buses. The bus drivers are even trained and have about twenty hours of road training. They are independent owner/operators. The teachers at Rutherford County Tennessee Schools make about $33,806-$59,737. In total there are about 2,300 teachers and 1,200 other employees that are employed in the county. Servers also go through training.

They serve approximately 3 million lunches in a year. Eighty five percent of the service managers are certified with the American School Food Service Association. The food service department has won awards for the past 13 years or so.

There are a total of forty one schools in the county. There is also an adult education center available. Rutherford County Tennessee Schools is the sixth largest school system in Tennessee. They teach all grades Pre-K to the twelfth grade. The total operating budget is about $220 million a year. That is about $6,485 per student. The schools are predominately white and then about fifteen percent African American. Only thirty three percent of the students get either free or reduced lunches.

The surrounding businesses are even very active in the Rutherford County Tennessee schools. That seems to show that the community cares about the education of the students. They are together in the Business

Education Partnership with the Camber of Commerce. Some of the programs that they are involved in is job shadowing, mini-grants, the adopt-a-school program and then they even go to help the teachers connect better with their students.There are many programs for the students. It all depends on the child and their interests.

Many of the extra curricular activities include music, art, physical education. There are programs for ages three to twenty one and these are for physically, mentally and emotionally challenged children and adults.

There are even programs for people with speech, hearing, vision impairment and those that need occupational therapy. Some of the programs include Schools of Tomorrow which is a science and technology instruction. There is Education Edge career which is an awareness and preparation schooling. There is special schooling for people who want to make English their second language. Other programs include Reading Recovery and Accelerated Reader for grades K-12.

There are magnet programs for smarter children and hands on science for those who like science. The kindergarten students stay for a full day of school. There are other special programs for those talented and gifted children as well. Rutherford County Tennessee Schools are always looking for ways to bring technology into the school system.

Adults even have an advantage. There is an Adult Education that enables the adult to earn a high school diploma or even a GED if that is what they want. There are special skills classes as well. It is great that they offer a diploma for adults.

As the schools are growing there will be more built. Amongst the list here there are also alternative adult schools and magnet schools listed. For your convenience they have been listed in alphabetical order. Here is a list along with the phone number for your convenience. You may want to call and find out what school you will need depending on what area you will live in:

  • Barfield Elementary 615-904-3810
  • Blackman Elementary 615-904-3795
  • Blackman Middle 615-904-3860
  • Blackman High 615-904-3850
  • Buchanan Elementary/Middle 615-893-3651
  • Campus School 615-895-1030
  • Cedar Grove 1-5 Grade 615-904-3777
  • Central Middle School 615-893-8262
  • Christina Middle School 615-904-3885
  • Christina School 615-896-0614
  • Daniel McKee (Alternative) 615-890-2282
  • David Youree 615-904-6775
  • Eagleville School 615-904-6710
  • Holloway High School 615-890-6004
  • John Colemon School 615-904-6740
  • Kittrell School 615-893-7604
  • Lascassas School 615-893-0758
  • LaVergne Lake 615-904-6730
  • LaVergne Middle 615-904-3877
  • LaVergne High 615-904-3870
  • La Vergne Primary 615-904-6735
  • McFadden 615-893-7251
  • Oakland High 615-904-3780
  • Riverdale High 615-890-6450
  • Rock Springs 615-904-3820
  • Rock Springs Middle 615-904-3825
  • Rockvale 615-904-3881
  • Roy Waldren 615-904-3785
  • Siegel Middle 615-904-3830
  • Siegel High 615-904-3800
  • Smyrna 615-904-6725
  • Smyrna Middle 615-904-3845
  • Smyrna Primary 615-904-6720
  • Smyrna West (Alternative) 615-904-3856
  • Stewartsboro 615-904-6705
  • Stewarts Creek 615-904-6750
  • Stewarts Creek Middle 615-904-6700
  • Thurman Francis 615-459-4128
  • Walter Hill 615-838-8046
  • Wilson 615-904-3840

The Rutherford County Schools Central Office is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Southpark Boulevard. You can reach them at (615) 893-5812. In order to enroll you must provide a birth certificate, student records or the last report card from your child's previous school. You will need to obtain a immunization record from the Rutherford County Health Department. Please provide the Social Security Card, a current utility bill and proof of custody or guardianship. Children must be updated on their shots.

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